🌳Eco System

VINU Network provides users with real and immediate liquidity

VINU's ecosystem consists of a total of four elements: "VNN Token Holders" that participate in virtual stores, "VINU App Users" using real stores, real and virtual "Stores", all being connected within the "VINU SPACE". Members of the ecosystem help each other through various activities and cooperative relationships, and form organic business relationships based on value production and redistribution.

  • VNN Token Holders - Token holders are able to purchase NFTs and become Virtual Store partners in the VINU SPACE. - Depending on their activities in the VINU SPACE, holders can earn operating rewards through their ownership of Virtual Stores, and participate in contributive activities. - They can also earn revenue through trading NFTs, particularly as they continue to appreciate in value.

  • VINU App Users - The VINU App built exclusively for the project also allows easy access to unmanned services affiliated with the VINU Foundation, and offers benefits to a combined user count of over 1.9 million members worldwide.

    - University Facilities: The VINU App functions in a network of unmanned laundromats in multiple university facilities, used by over 250,000 students each year.

    - Independent Stores: The VINU App also runs in COINUP’s 800+ unmanned stores across Europe and Asia with a collective user pool of 370,000 monthly active users, and 2 million annual users.

    - Members of the app are offered additional benefits that are connected to the service they are already using; They will have VNN Tokens linked and will be able to hold VNN and enjoy various rewards, marketing airdrops, mileage systems, and much more.

  • Stores Real & Virtual Stores. - Members of the VINU Network ecosystem are able to directly operate virtual stores, promote brands and services to users, and manage offline stores by signing a contract with the VINU Foundation. - Store owners can utilize the VINU SPACE system to advance each branch to attract customers and increase the revisit rate through their own promotions and events. - Real-Virtual Store operation data reports are transparently disclosed to franchisees.

  • VINU SPACE VINU aims to continuously supply new content and services, and to reward ecosystem participants with the resources secured through its activity. - It is a platform that fairly and transparently supports establishments within the Metaverse through blockchain technology. - It systematically supports the smooth momentum of real-virtual store startups, such as providing store owners and users with a customer management DB system and a blockchain system for managing assets and payments. - The VINU Foundation pushes ahead franchise contracts and thus attracts more stores to the platform.

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