VINU Network


The best team members who share one vision for VINU Network's journey.

CEO / David

David has over 25 years of experience in areas ranging from global trade, laundry equipment and software, to unmanned franchise businesses.
He has founded and led various unmanned franchise businesses around the world, implemented the management software KLO and MLO, and has strength and expertise in converging the IT and franchise management industries globally.
  • Current Vice Chairman of the Korea Laundry Machinery Association
  • Current Vice Chairman of the Korea Laundry Room Association
  • 2008 - Foreign Cooperation Director of the Korea Franchise Association
  • Development of Self-Laundry and Franchise System
  • 2006 - CEO of COINUP Business Corporation Development and Distribution of LG Commercial Laundry Equipment Development and Manufacture of Unmanned Vending Machines and Control Systems Planning and Design of Mobile Game 'Welcome to laundryshop' System and Contents
  • 2003 - CEO of Ghana Laundry System Sweden Electrolux's Official Source of Income for Commercial Laundry Equipment
  • 2001 - Texas Instruments Korea Semiconductor Chip Test Equipment Engineer Localization Development Project Leader
  • 1999 - SMC Engineering Semiconductor Chip Production and Development Engineer
  • 1998 - Non-executive director of Korea Hotfix Trading Company

CTO / Dave

Dave has over 18 years of experience in developing online services, games, and simulation services. He specializes in blockchain-integrated P2E game development, and leads the VINU Network development department with in-depth know-how on smart contract development and migration of existing services to the web3.0 platform. He has background in:
  • Virtual Currency Trust Operation Service Development
  • Integrated Virtual Currency Market Price Monitoring Tool Development
  • 2022 - Knolworks CTO
  • 2014 - AIGames CEO
  • 2005~2013 - Served as online game development team leader for YD Online and T3 Entertainment

CMO / Ryan

Ryan runs a global mobile game publishing business, video content OTT service, and an MCN business.
In the blockchain field, he carried out the planning of blockchain-utilized content as well as P2E content, developed blockchain game platforms and NFT platforms, and also carried out blockchain-related consulting.
Due to his extensive experience, he is in charge of overall project design tasks such as incubating VINU Network projects, business design, and content planning and marketing.
  • 2020 ~ K-ON Media LLC. CEO
  • 2016 ~ Digicaviar Korea CEO
  • 2015 ~ 2016 Wemade Entertainment - Project Manager
  • 2012 ~ 2014 Kuno Interactive / Crazy Diamond Co.,Ltd - Project Manager
  • 2007 ~ 2012 Dazoin / NTL inc. - Project Manager


[Strategic Planning]

Chief of General Business Administration / Chloe

Chloe is in charge of blockchain-based service planning and business development at VINU Network. Previously, she led in various global organizations in the online contents field such as games and media. From 2019, Chloe participated in a number of projects in the blockchain technology field related to consulting, games, and NFTs. As a strategist with online content expertise, she strives to strengthen and enrich VINU Network's Project.

Chief of Strategic Planning / Sunny

Sunny presents a roadmap for content planning and execution of VINU Network's business strategies. Her 15 years of marketing and offline store operational experience contributed to the growth of VINU Network through her analyzing projects, finding what they need, and suggesting the best way to achieve their goals.

Chief of International Development / Dana

Dana is in charge of major global tasks such as trade and overseas operations, leading VINU Network's overseas related tasks. She is responsible for the growth and global expansion of VINU Network's overseas business aspects.

Manager of International Development / Deena

Deena is in charge of VINU Network's global communication and conducts overseas market research and trend analysis. Being an influencer herself, she contributes to creating user-friendly projects through research along with analyzing user behavior and trends.


Chief of Marketing and PR / Aaron

Aaron is responsible for VINU Network's online content development and media marketing. He was formerly in charge of planning and producing performances at an entertainment agency and has experience in show business. He strives to expand VINU Network's influence based on the know-how he gained through his experiences as a producer in content areas of advertising, commerce, education, and tv broadcasting.

Manager of International Sales / Liam

Liam is in charge of VINU Network's global sales and has been working in franchise and overseas sales management for 10 years. This being his specialty, he has managed the export of unmanned payment systems in the Philippines and sales in Indonesia and Mongolia.

Manager of Sales & Marketing / Michle

Michle is in charge of VINU Network's sales and marketing. He is specialized and skilled in areas of internet promotion marketing, Google SEO, and SNS promotion marketing.

[Community Management]

Manager of Operational Planning / Sienna

Sienna is in charge of writing and providing manuals for works in progress at VINU Network. She writes consistent reports, monitors progress, and collaborates with team members efficiently to aid them in the decision making process.

[Offline Store Business Development]

Chief of Strategic Planning / David

David is an expert in the development and distribution of unmanned system hardware and software, and has been working on vending machine development and distribution, as well as various road-type game machines for over 30 years. With his expertise in this field, David will help VINU Network realize and expand the future store management system it pursues.

Manager of Sales / Chris

Chris is experienced in online and offline commerce as he ran companies such as the clothing brand This Love, women's brand Shushubi, marketing consulting firm Build, and unmanned equipment Smart Wash. As an expert in the software and equipment development franchise business, Chris in charge of online and offline linkage planning.

Manager of Distribution / Antony

Antony is an expert in hardware distribution and has been in charge of the distribution division of Daewoo and Samsung Electronics for more than 20 years. He is now in charge of distributing equipment related to VINU Network's unmanned franchise stores.


[Technological Innovation]

Chief of Technical Innovation Dept. / James

James has completed the mastery of LG and Samsung commerce services and is an expert in the overall franchise business. He has managed the starting up of multiple new stores and performed both the equipment engineer and manager roles that are essential for this field. James is in charge of managing the necessary equipment for VINU Wallet to be used in unmanned franchises.

Manager of Technological Innovation / Gray

Gray is in charge of the technical design that combines VINU Network's technology with blockchain projects. Based on his outstanding expertise in trend technology, he is working on a variety of projects across blockchain platforms, software engineering, iOS and Android.

[Platform Development]

Manager of Platform Development / Sally

Sally is in charge of determining the structure and design of VINU Network’s platform and web pages. She strives to achieve the ideal balance between functional and aesthetic design, and ensuring web designs are responsive and optimized across various devices.

Manager of Design Development / Cotton

Cotton is in charge of the design and planning of VINU Network. She specializes in designing web pages and also provides event posters, press release contents, and promotional banners. She also participating in the planning process such as event planning and business development.

Manager of Design Development / Zoey

Zoey is in charge of implementing visual and interactive elements of VINU Network’s platform and web pages that the users engage with. She seeks to build high quality user interface components with scalability and aesthetic design in mind, all optimized for the users’ convenience.

Manager of Technical System Dept / Andrew

Andrew is involved in various activities, such as the selling of commercial laundry equipment, opening of self-laundry rooms, consulting on laundry automation, and building of systems. He is in charge of VINU Network's franchise business development.

[Quality Assurance]

Manager of Quality Assurance / Sean

Sean is in charge of developing and maintaining the quality standards of VINU Network’s project. He handles all the testing procedures and effectively identifies issues, along with their appropriate, optimum, and/or possible solutions while adhering to reliability, performance, and user expectations.


After serving as a prosecutor for two years since 1993, he started as a lawyer for the Pacific Law Firm, and has been working as a corporate advisor and M&A lawyer until now. He provided consultations for leading domestic groups and affiliates such as Samsung, Lotte, and SK, and has successfully completed mergers and acquisitions procedures in various industries and sizes, including overseas. He provided consultation on the establishment of coin-related exchanges and has experience in providing advice in various areas such as entertainment, distribution, and coin laundry.

Manager of Accounting / Rosa

Rosa is a tax and accounting expert and is in charge of overseeing the overall business from the management support department at VINU Network.