VINU Network’s Elements


VINU SPACE is a platform at the borderline between reality and virtuality, in the sense that although it can be accessed at anytime from anywhere like your usual virtual spaces, it is based on a real-life economic system where participants can contribute, earn real-life rewards, and further re-contribute their rewards into the ecosystem to pursue higher productivity.


Real-Virtual NFT

In the VINU SPACE, asset ownership is represented and proved through NFTs. These NFTs connect the user's assets in the VINU SPACE to their assets in the real world seamlessly and securely.

🎫pageReal-Virtual NFTs


VINU SPACE's marketplace is where all the economic activity occurs. Users can purchase VINUBOXES, or buy, sell, and trade NFTs in the market using the main currency, the VNN token.



The VINU SPACE is based on the WEB 3.0. As users own virtual stores and their corresponding offline unmanned stores, these stores will transparently be operated through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance. Users can directly participate in the making of important decisions, and have the right to operate and design their own online AND offline stores respectively.


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