VINU Network


VNN is also a governance token that allows holders to participate in governance activities


The VINU DAO is built specially for our VNN holders and operates under the shared goal of providing each holder an equal say in decision-making, regarding matters such as policy updates, jointly owned property, future auctions, and the overall ecosystem. The DAO system ensures that the main contributors to this platform – the VNN token holders, are in control. As the DAO holds great power and responsibility likewise, VNN holders are advised to exercise their right to vote, in order to build the best VINU SPACE that we all collectively envision.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a group of people without a central leader dictating their decisions. It is a completely flat hierarchy, and is built on the blockchain using smart contracts. To become a member of a DAO, you are required to acquire the governance token (in this case, the VNN token) which automatically gives you the ability to vote on important decisions regarding the ecosystem. A DAO can be made up of people from around the world, and they communicate through ecosystem-specific channels.