Introducing an all-new business model and the amazing plans we have in store for VINU Network


Phase 1 - Launch

Website and Social Media Release✔️

Partnership with 740 Offline Laundry Stores✔️

$VNN Token Issuance✔️

Contract Deployment & Audit Completion✔️

Listing on Global Exchange✔️

VNN Token Airdrop Event✔️

Phase 2 - Growth

DAO & Governance Mechanism Development✔️

Launch of 20 CoinUp Laundry Overseas Stores✔️

Export of Remote Control Systems to 9 Countries ✔️

MLO Technology Advancement ✔️

Partnership with Convenience Store Chains in Korea to Open in Self-laundry Facilities in Korea.✔️

Phase 3 - Maturity

Development of KLO, MLO Data Management Platform✔️

Expansion of Unmanned Operated Business✔️

Launch of Unmanned Pet Self-Spa Shops

Promotion of Unmanned Pet Self-Spa Shops

Establishment of Partnerships with Leading IoT Providers

Phase 4 - Adaptation

Development of Logistics and SCM Chains for Unmanned Operations

$VNN Token Chain Migration (Polygon Network)

Implementation of VINU Point System

Expansion of Blockchain functionality for KLO, MLO Data Systems

Utilization of Blockchain for Supply Chain Traceability

Phase 5 - Evolution

Incorporation of $VNN Utility Integration in VinuSpace

Rewarding Users for Unmanned Laundry Usage.

Introducing Blockchain Solutions for Unmanned Stores

Enabling VNN Payments at Online/Offline Stores

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