VINU Network


Introducing an all-new business model and the amazing plans we have in store for VINU Network
Phase 1 - Launch
Website and Social Media Release
VNN token Issuance
Contract deployment & Audit Completion
NFT Marketplace Exchange System Development
Partnership with 800 Real Stores
Phase 2 - Growth
NFT Presale
NFT Marketplace Beta Testing
MLO Technology Advancement
VINU App Development
DAO & Governance Mechanism Development
Establishment of Further Partnerships
Phase 3 - Maturity
NFT Marketplace Grand Launch
Premium Membership System Development
KLO Technology Advancement
VINU App Launch
Real-Virtual NFT Presale
DAO Governance Beta Testing
Establishment of Further Partnerships
Phase 4 - Evolution
Membership’s On-Offline Benefits
Real-Virtual NFT Issuance
Real-life Stores with Mixed On-Offline Technology
Joint-ownership Store System Implementation
Transparent Operation of DAO Governance
VINU Space Operating Platform
Virtual Stores Opening by Partners
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