VINU SPACE's economic activity involving NFTs all take place at the Marketplace.

VINU Marketplace

The marketplace is VINU SPACE's one-stop destination for buying, selling, and trading Vinubots, stores, and land NFTs effortlessly, using the main currency, the VNN token.

The VINU Marketplace is divided into the DROPS section, where the initial sales of the mystery box, VINUBOX, along with VINU Networks NFT selections are held, and the MARKET section, where transactions take place between owners. Anyone can view the NFTs' on-chain information, transaction addresses, and transaction history on the blockchain network, making the whole system completely transparent.

NFTs will be sold in two different ways:

Fixed Price: Sellers can set their desired prices and list their NFTs on the market. An ongoing sale can be cancelled at any time.

Auction: Sellers can start the auction by setting a starting price on their NFT and a deadline. The bidders enter their preferred bid prices, and the NFT is sold to the bidder with the highest price at the end of the auction.


The VINU SPACE exists in a parallel dimension where humans and robots coexist. The robots, named Vinubots, with their superior abilities and diligence, took over the hard labor sector where they are able to perform day and night, creating a prosperous business ecosystem within the VINU SPACE.

Vinubots are not just cute robot NFTs. They are the key mascots for the prospective unmanned management system that makes up the VINU SPACE.

The Vinubots are determined differently depending on their grade and rarity. You can own several bots, earn rewards, and later resell them through the marketplace. More details on the different Vinubots will be announced soon with the Vinubot launch.


Vinubot NFTs can be obtained through the purchase of Vinubox. This is a mystery box that will feature NFTs with different grades and rarity levels, some being super rare. Detailed information such as probabilities for each grade will be released at the Vinubox sale event.

Vinubox sales will take place sequentially over a specific period of time and can be purchased with VNN. There is no limit to the amount a user can purchase. However, it is important to note that the earlier the purchase is made, the higher the probability of obtaining a rare Vinubot, so it is advised that you hurry when the sale event begins!

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