Virtual and real-world experiences are seamlessly interconnected in the VINU SPACE.

Introducing the VINU SPACE

The VINU experience takes place in a Metaverse space, an online universe that combines multiple virtual spaces and is powered by blockchain and NFT technology. Users can engage in various activities in the VINU SPACE, and most importantly participate in the activities of (and therefore claim full/partial ownership of) virtual property, as well as other related content including NFTs in spaces that are simultaneously mapped onto the real world.

This provides users with the opportunity to earn rewards efficiently through ownership and management, just as if they were operating a real-life store!

Virtual Stores

Like real stores, Virtual Stores can be set up to operate typicall through strategically managing business factors, such as asset purchases and operating expenses.

In order to engage with a virtual store, you Claim ownership of its corresponding NFT. Subsequently, indirect involvement in VINU's global partner stores can be easily made within the VINU SPACE.

VINU's roadmap aims to set up an unmanned store startup system that ultimately links business reality to virtuality, and through the use of NFTs, transparent transactions are secured, and efficient fractional ownership is enabled.

In addition to Virtual Store operations, users can freely build their own infrastructure and expand their personal space in the VINU SPACE. Various business models such as branding, shopping, and Watch-2-Earn advertising may be applied accordingly.

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