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Blockchain + Unmanned Management System Technology
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KLO (Kiosk Laundry Operation)

KLO is an unmanned store management system that allows operators to manage equipment on PCs and mobile devices and immediately solve customer inconveniences without physically being at the store. In connection with MLO, the operation of stores such as customer and sales management can also be efficiently managed.
  • Possession of Original Patent: Store management and remote control patent (other companies cannot operate it)
  • Remote Management: Online management possible through PC and mobile.
  • HQ Call Center: HQ call center in operation for the convenience of store owners
  • Program: Periodic updating for an overall user-friendly program
  • Equipment Control: Real-time remote equipment control
  • Sales Management: Sales and returns statistics classified by period and equipment
  • Member Management: Members and customers management
  • Equipment Convenience: Touch screen and customer authorization convenience

MLO (Mobile Laundry Operation)

A next-generation business management solution that combines IOT services, data-mining, and simple payments through mobile as a remote program for store management. Just by installing an app, it is easy to secure customer DB, marketing, sales analysis, and to manage customer. Users can also easily and conveniently make use of the services provided.
  • Ease of Use: Mobile-based platform service
  • Service Stability: Cloud-based operational service
  • Data-Mining: Target marketing through customer analysis
  • Sales Support: Customer preferences, sales trend analysis
  • Integrated Operations Management: IOT Remote Management System
  • Security Solutions: Providing solutions to customer information security
  • Promotion: Implementing events suitable for stores' characteristics
  • User Satisfaction: Satisfaction of customers and store owners through simple installation of application
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