💡VINU Network

The blockchain hub for real-virtual unmanned stores.

What is VINU Network?

VINU Network is a real-economy project based on franchises that exist in the real world. It is a new concept platform that effectively combines physical real-life spaces and value with virtual ones in the Web 3.0, primarily through utilizing unmanned stores.

But what are unmanned stores?

Unmanned stores are retail concepts in which there are neither service personnel nor cashiers in the store, and all transactions are handled through kiosks or a mobile application. This concept relies heavily on smartphone technology and AI(artificial intelligence) to remove the traditional features of the common ‘store’.

With an intricate infrastructure that involves hundreds of unmanned stores and chains, diverse content including NFTs are to be incorporated and these can be navigated through VINU’s very own application that can be accessed by all its members.

Furthermore, through owning and operating your very own store in the ‘VINU SPACE’, VINU’s Platform, you can own and operate the corresponding offline store as well!

VINU's Infrastructure

VINU holds a strategic partnership with 'COINUP', a global company with over 30 years of experience in operating over 800 unmanned stores across Southeast Asia and Europe, and is expanding into a variety of unmanned store projects through partnerships with global companies such as Alliance Laundry Systems, Samsung, LG, Speed Queen, and FAGOR. COINUP has also acquired exclusive licenses for laundry equipment, IOT technology services, 5th generation kiosks, and energy-saving AI systems that combine mobile/cloud-based equipment management services (MLO, KLO) with IT technology. In addition, it is a distributor of 'Speed Queen', the top brand under 'Alliance Laundry Systems', which is the world's leading laundry equipment company holding more than 40% of the global market.

Although being an already technologically advanced industry, COINUP strives to push its unmanned stores network a huge step further, from not just being fully automated, but also completely blockchain-ized, making the systems transparent and accessible, and enabling mutual value creation by users across multiple countries.

And so forth, VINU has nurtured various business networks with COINUP's run-up franchises, along with government offices, university hospitals, hotels, resorts, military units, welfare organizations, corporate/university dormitories, school corporations, and construction sites.


VINU utilizes optimized information using an in-depth customer database that covers customer behavior patterns through effective monitoring of unmanned store franchises, which have a combined market dominance of over 1.9 million members worldwide.

VINU aims to provide these members with the opportunity to easily access our project and offer them additional benefits that are connected to the service they are already using; hence a simple, low-barrier-to-entry approach.

This is done through linking existing real offline stores with corresponding online ones on the platform that are in the form of NFTs. In other words, all customers who use COINUP’s mobile app will be able to access and enjoy VINU Network's various services.

Based on this competitive advantage in terms of convenience, VINU is creating partnerships in various fields and will introduce them into the VINU ecosystem through globalization to provide the optimum online and offline services based on popular consumer demands.


VINU aims to integrate physical and virtual spaces by providing fun and simulated experiences through various services and start-ups of unmanned stores connected to reality in Platform, the VINU SPACE.

The VINU SPACE has a unique competitiveness that can expand to more stable and diverse real-world businesses.

The VINU SPACE makes it easier to participate directly or indirectly in the activities of unmanned stores around the world that are affiliated with VINU. Transparent and rapid contracts and operations will be created using blockchain in new store start-ups and franchises. Furthermore, new blueprints to individuals through small contributions will be provided.

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