VINU Network


VNN is the native token used throughout VINU Network's platforms
VINU's token economy was developed to be used in the VINU Platform (VINU SPACE & VINU App). It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.
All members of the VINU ecosystem can obtain tokens depending on their contribution, and the tokens can be used for various activities such as investment and shopping, therefore naturally creating a virtuous cycle token economy.


Token Name: VINU Network
Symbol: VNN
Type: ERC-20

Token Allocation

Eco system 45% (After Listing: 6 months after listing, last day of each month)
Sales 10% (According to the contract schedule)
Team&Advisor 10% (Unlock Schedule: 12 months after listing, last day of each month)
Development 10% (Unlock Schedule: After listing, last day of each month)
Marketing 15% (Unlock Schedule: After listing, last day of each month)
Reserve 10% (Should any issues arise)

Token Economy

Holders of the VNN token will be able to benefit from various utilities including:
  • Exclusive access to VINU's NFT presale
  • VINU NFTs sale and purchase in the marketplace
  • DAO governance and voting rights
  • More to be added according to the roadmap

Token Vision

VINU plans to continue to strive for an organic virtuous cycle of tokens and an increase in token value.
Users will have to purchase VNN on the exchange to participate in the VINU SPACE, and continuous token recovery plans will be prepared through VINU Platform's various content services.
100% of Team and Founder share will be locked up for one year, then paid in installments for five years. Various policies will be implemented based on the total token distribution, such as half-life policies.